Your credit: know everything about loans

Extremely briefly: what is a loan?

Very briefly: what is a loan?

A loan or credit is really a budget advance that is released by a bank or loan company for the financing of a task. The loaned quantity, usually mortgage loan in addition interest, must be repaid completely within a certain period which is agreed between the 2 events. All loan situations are written out within the loan contract. You are able to simulate your loan free of charge on OneTopNotch and also to obtain a clear overview of the particular possible loans.

What are the different loan varieties?

What are the different loan types?

Two types of credit score can be distinguished depending on the reason behind the loan application. Once the credit is deposited straight into the borrower’s accounts and the expenditure does not have to become justified, this is referred to as a personal loan. Conversely, when the money is lent in order to finance a specific project, like the purchase of a car, it is a loan intended for specific purposes.

Personal loan

Personal loan


A personal loan, also known as an all-purpose loan, is usually a consumer credit that you need to repay via fixed month-to-month repayments (capital + interest) according to the conditions specified within the contract. The debtor or borrower can use the particular credit as he / the girl wants and must not be responsible to the bank. The credit therefore does not financing one specific purchase yet can be used for all purposesare used. The interest prices for a loan for all reasons are usually higher than for a mortgage for specific purposes, due to the fact with a loan for the buy of a car or motorbike, the financial institution has a greater assure that the borrower will pay back the loan amount. The institution knows the actual credit is used for. However , the money for a mortgage “all purposes” is usually available quickly and there isn’t too much administration involved. As with all loans, you have to still be able to prove your earnings to prove that you will be capable to repay the loan.

Arranging a wedding party, a visit to Latin America, the particular purchase of a new tv or the financing of your little one’s studies are all examples of unsecured loans or forms of credit. For an on-line simulation of all possible unsecured loans you can take a look at the internet comparison platform of OneTopNotch.

Student loan

The student loan consists of financial assistance the fact that Communities grant to learners and families who have problems paying for studies. The particular credit can cover different costs that regularly recur in student life: the particular registration fee, the buy of books, manuals along with other materials, the rent of the room and costs through daily life.

Students loan can be repaid within 2 ways:

  • immediately: the month-to-month repayment starts immediately;
  • postponed: the compensation usually starts 6 months following the end of the studies.

If you want to spend a relatively low interest, it is advisable to 1st estimate your income and expenditures. This way you develop a clear picture of your month-to-month situation. A student work is also a possibility to make money so that the student has to lend less and is a source associated with income certificates.

For example: the estimated research costs for 5 yrs (masters) in Belgium:

  • The enrollment fee is approximately € 850 per year, or € 4, 250 over five years.
  • Publications and exercise books should also be charged for a price between € 2, 1000 and € 3, five hundred over 5 years.
  • The cost of housing differs per person and for each accommodation, but a good method is € 350 a month. The rental time period is usually one year, which quantities to an amount of € 21, 000 over five years.
  • Diet costs around € two hundred / month, or € 12, 000 over five years.
  • Transportation costs vary greatly with respect to the city and the chosen way of transport. An NMBS campus card with which students under the age of 26 could make 5 fixed round-trip travels costs around € ten (depending on the place of leaving and destination). Let’s assume that the student is in students room and that he occurs with 1 card each month, this gives a total of € 120 or € six hundred over 5 years in a given time.
  • Social, social and sporting student living also carries a cost, approximated at € 50 and month or € three or more, 000 over 5 yrs.

Overall, the total amount is approximately € 44, 000 over the five study years. You are able to request a student loan with this. If you borrow € 44, 000 over five years (60 months), this may lead to:

  • Month-to-month repayment of approx. € 870
  • APRIL (annual cost percentage) associated with approx. 7% (depending in the bank)
  • Overall cost of approximately € 53, 800
  • Overall additional cost of approx. € 9, 800

Wedding Loan

A wedding (party) may entail a lot of costs. It is quite possible that you are not really in a position to cough up the entire amount of cash in one go. A wedding ceremony loan is the ideal option to love this particular beautiful day. You may use the credit to buy the wedding ceremony dress, pay the lease for the wedding room or even pay the caterer plus DJ. The compensation is spread over time, to enable you to gradually pay off all expenses.

For example: a marriage costs € 20, 1000 (including the rent from the room, the caterer designed for 100 guests, the DISC JOCKEY, the photographer, the adornments and the wedding dress). For a 4-year loan (48 months) you will receive this particular repayment schedule:

  • Monthly repayment associated with approx. € 470
  • APR (annual price percentage) of approx. 6% (depending on the bank)
  • Total cost of around € 22, 800
  • Total additional price of approx. € 2, eight hundred

Digital loan

Along with an electronic loan you can purchase new household appliances, a brand new telephone, computer, video camera, and so forth If you want to apply for this kind of loan it is better to go to a financial institution and not to some commercial brand. The particular chain or store may in fact serve as an intermediary and therefore take a commission.

For example: after a lengthy doubt you give in towards the very latest iPhone By, but the 256 GB edition costs € 1, 329. For a loan associated with € 1, 350 to become repaid in 4 yrs (48 months), this leads to these types of costs:

  • Monthly repayment of around. € 60
  • APR (annual price percentage) of approx. 8% ( depending on the bank )
  • Total price of approx. € one, 480
  • Overall additional cost of approx. € 130

Decoration loan

Thanks to a decoration mortgage you can finally furnish your brand-new interior and buy the new furnishings that you have been waiting for such a long time. However , such things can be very expensive. Thanks to the design loan, you don’t have to put your hard earned money on your savings account and your obligations are spread over time.

You have been dreaming regarding having your kitchen renovated permanently, but this will cost you around € 5, 000. You are considering taking out a loan with this, the repayment of which happens over 2 years:

  • Monthly repayment associated with approx. € 225
  • APR (annual cost percentage) of around. 7% ( depending on the bank )
  • Complete cost of approx. € 5, 400
  • Total additional cost of around. € 400

Holiday loan

A holiday mortgage is a personal credit which you take out in order not to need to touch your savings whenever you travel. So you no more have to worry about the cost of all the additional small indulgences that will make your own holiday a success.

Your daughter is almost graduation and you wish to surprise the girl with a nice trip for your two of you. You plan the road trip for 17 times in the national parks within Canada. You have adequately informed yourself in advance regarding holiday loans and you have drawn up a budget of € 4, 500. The repayment is distribute over 2 years and involves the following costs:

  • Monthly repayment associated with approx. € two hundred
  • APR (annual cost percentage) of around. 7% ( depending on the bank )
  • Overall cost of approx. € 4, 850
  • Total additional cost of around. € 350

Debt consolidation loan

A consolidation mortgage is also referred to as the re-financing or regrouping of financial loans and serves to take out that loan for the purpose of paying off all other financial loans. The financial institution settles all of current loans and offers an unique loan in which all of payments are grouped in a single specific monthly repayment, one particular interest rate and one repayment time period. Done with the difficulty of all those different complex installments.

Do you know the benefits of debt consolidation? The particular monthly repayments, interest rates as well as the repayment term are driven in advance in the contract. This makes the management associated with reimbursements very simple.

There are, however , 2 disadvantages: a consolidation loan is usually difficult to obtain and involves a longer duration and an increased total amount to be compensated.

For example: Marc is 30 years old plus pays the repayments just for his current loans each month:

  • an auto loan for the purchase of their new Mercedes. This individual must pay € 443 / month for twenty three months, good for a total associated with € 10, 189;
  • an installment mortgage for the purchase of their new salon. Marc still has to pay twenty five monthly repayments of € 230 each, or a complete of € 5, 750;
  • a credit score opening with his Visa credit card for which he still needs to pay back € 2, five hundred (€ 189 / month).

The entire of all repayments amounts to € 18, 439. Marc would like to associated with monthly payments less heavy given that he has had difficulty spending them back in time since their divorce. He can be applied for a consolidation loan for an quantity of € eighteen, 400. A pay back period of 4 years (48 months) leads to:

  • Monthly repayments associated with approx. € 460
  • APR (annual cost percentage) of about 9% ( depending on the bank )
  • Overall cost of approximately € twenty two, 200
  • Overall additional cost of approx. € 3, 800

Credit regarding specific purposes

Credit for specific purposes

That loan for specific purposes utilizes the same principle as a mortgage for all purposes (you should be able to prove your income) but now the purpose of the mortgage must be specified: the buy of a car, renovations, …. There are specific credit types for these different types of loans. To benefit from this, you should be able to submit proof of buy to the institution where you make an application for the credit; therefore the risk is not that great. This is considered as an extra ensure: in case of cancellation of the product sales contract of the good or even service, the loan is normally canceled without extra expenses. In the event of non-payment, the bank can appeal to the bought good. As a result, the eye rates are often cheaper compared to with a normal personal loan.

Car loan, motorbike loan and caravan-mobile mortgage loan

These three or more types of loans are considered because loans with specific purposes because the purpose of the credit score is fairly simple: to financing a vehicle, both new (between 0 and 2 years) and second-hand. Age the vehicle is important for the attention that you will have to pay with the mortgage: the older the vehicle, the larger the rate. When it comes to the particular purchase of a second-hand vehicle, the borrower can generally benefit from the same conditions if this were a new car.

It is also feasible to borrow up to 120% of the amount to cover extra costs such as insurance, street tax and maintenance. If you want to apply for a vehicle mortgage you must present a proof associated with purchase with the lender. This proof serves as an assurance for the financial institution that, in case of non-payment, may seize the particular purchased good.

There are a lot of vehicles that be eligible for a this credit. Illustrations are a car, motorcycle, vehicle, van, caravan, mobile house, electric bicycle, etc . What is noticeable is that it is definitely an unique type of loan.


You have decided to purchase a new vehicle and your eye has dropped on the Mercedes-Benz A Course. To finance this particular, you take out a loan of € 36, 000 (100% of the sum) to be paid back in 5 years (60 months):