Rosalind Tenant Credit

Among the news of credit, there are several reasons that can lead a tenant to decide to buy a house or apartment. Among other things, psychological reasons , but also to feel safe. From a psychological point of view, the tenant is always at someone’s place, not at home, even if a house or a house can be personalized by the decoration, the furniture and the layout.

These activities remain temporary, when we know, as a tenant, that it is always possible that one must leave the premises, in case the owner invokes imperatives to resume his housing.

A record mortgage rate

A record mortgage rate

The case occurs much more frequently than we imagine, especially in large cities. The housing crisis is a reality for us. Whether the owner is a natural person or a real estate company, the tenant can always be fired from his apartment. Sometimes this involves an excessive increase in rent, sometimes simply because the owner is planning to occupy the premises.

But there are still other reasons. For example, the increasingly unsustainable increase in rents, still in urban areas. Saving money in a financial crisis becomes a priority. And rent can easily become a difficult budget item if one is not careful. Note also that this situation is becoming more widespread, because depending on the region, the real estate offer for rental is not at all obvious .

More exactly, there are regions in which apartments or houses for rent are practically non-existent. Yet, if a place seduces you, and you have the opportunity to settle there, why settle for renting your home? You can also consider development work, renovation. These are also great challenges. To acquire a house of your own, in a place that you love, it can become a good project of life.

So, buying a house makes it impossible to be exposed to this kind of situation. To be at home, to be in one’s furniture is important. As long as you spend money regularly, put aside to buy your house. Especially since with the current mortgage rate which reaches the record value of 3% , this can give the tenant the chance to become owner.

It should also be noted that, in order to increase the purchasing power as a tenant, it is possible to group all the loans in progress. With the Rosalind tenant credit, there will be only one debt, one interest rate, one monthly payment calculated according to the repayment capacity of the borrower tenant.

How do the rates vary?

The rates in the real estate are not fixed, they go up or down with the time, and it happens sometimes that an immo credit made at a rate at the time ends up in the end less profitable than what one would have could have hoped. If after simulation you realize that the 2018 real estate rate is more interesting than the real estate rate at which you had taken out your loan , think it may be time to renegotiate or redeem your credit.

If you have not subscribed to your credit while waiting for a better opportunity, this is the right moment! The immo rates are very low as shown by the barometer rate, and it does not seem expected that they start up again immediately, except unforeseen such as a big international political decision. Entering an investment loan this year can still earn several thousand euros a few years later.

To be able to obtain offers that are adapted to you, you have to do a simulation. You will receive by mail the offers of the market which correspond to you best in less than 48 hours and an online credit professional will try to contact you in your interest to advise you during the duration of your financial steps.

The 2018 real estate rate, an opportunity not to let slip

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Even if the variations of the real estate prices are possible to foresee to a certain extent, it is still necessary to take the opinions of the experts with pincets, so many times they contradict each other.
And yet, they seem to agree that rates are likely to rise again by the end of 2018, and that it is now or never to become an owner, as confirmed by the 2018 real estate rate schedule. .

Go ahead in your desires

If you have a need for liquidity to fill, it’s now or never. make a simulation to follow the evolution of the rates, check how much you can and want to borrow for your project by doing a simulation, and think to discuss with the financial professional who will call you to advise you and give you the opportunity to own your house or apartment. Do not cheat by completing the comparator fields: this leads to false results and may send you offers that you can not claim. We would end up wasting our time …

Real estate simulation is to be done at all costs

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The 2018 Real Estate Rate Comparator is free and, of course, does not commit you to anything: performing a simulation is only meant to help you find the best rate! Simulations make it possible to keep abreast of changes in market offers. It’s the same for your ability to borrow money. Moreover, thanks to these data, you will be able to reflect with experts while having the data at hand, so that they allow you to understand them as efficiently as possible.

And that’s not all, our tool allows you to make a forecast real estate rate, however always keep in mind that this is not an exact science: it is never impossible that unforeseen events, times resulting from governmental or even international decisions, and sometimes, even finance specialists do not see them coming.
However, they are often able to anticipate the 2018 real estate rate trend, which is why the results of our simulators are the most accurate for planning investment projects or real estate purchases.