Rosalind Tenant Credit

Among the news of credit, there are several reasons that can lead a tenant to decide to buy a house or apartment. Among other things, psychological reasons , but also to feel safe. From a psychological point of view, the tenant is always at someone’s place, not at home, even if a house or a […]

Your credit: know everything about loans

Extremely briefly: what is a loan? A loan or credit is really a budget advance that is released by a bank or loan company for the financing of a task. The loaned quantity, usually mortgage loan in addition interest, must be repaid completely within a certain period which is agreed between the 2 events. All […]

Credit comparison Germany 2019 – Personal loan

Instant and instant credit: German banks have come under pressure in recent years, among other things, due to the low-interest rates and had to offer new financial services in order to remain competitive and to convince customers. Particularly in the area of ​​installment amaryllis to private customers, competition between individual banks has increased sharply. Therefore, […]

Cosmetic surgery credit | Ready cosmetic surgery

Credit surgery or when cosmetic surgery becomes accessible Do you plan to go under the bistoury of a plastic surgeon to make your nose redone? Are you more interested in breast augmentation or breast reduction? And why not liposuction? It stuck budget level? Do not give up on your projects… Discover the surgery credit. Cosmetic […]

Loans – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a personal loan? A personal loan is a professional term for a consumer credit form where the borrowed amount is paid out in one go and then repaid by the borrower in a fixed number of installments. Each term contains a repayment component and interest on the residual debt. When to take out a […]