0% civil servant loan: national education, police, gendarmerie, hospital, contractual

Civil servants can not benefit from the 1% employer, this advantage being reserved for employees of the private sector. However, you have the right to make loans at a preferential rate: real estate, work… It is even possible for you to borrow at a rate of 0. But the public service is vast, and you were part of the national education, the Ministry of Justice, the police, the SWDA, the hospital public service or territorial officials, the rules and benefits are not the same.

Loans if you work for national education

Loans if you work for national education

Teaching is a priesthood. But early in the career, it is not easy to buy, especially since teachers do not have the right to loan 1% employer housing. The state has understood this well, and it helps those who have their first assignment to settle, using a real estate loan for public servants.

A 0% real estate loan for teachers

This assistance is also valid for teachers who change positions and who have to move for this purpose. For teachers, these two scenarios are opportunities to buy cheaply.

It’s up to you to take advantage of these opportunities to become an owner. Because the offer does not last in time: 1 year from the arrival of events.

Where to apply?

You must have an assignment certificate filled by the rectorate or the academy, depending on your situation.

Good to know

It is a credit that only concerns the purchase of the principal residence. You can not use it if you want to buy to rent, or invest in a second home.

This is only real estate, not a help to pay a car (better specify). On the other hand, the work loan for civil servants works, provided that it is a refurbishment.

How much to borrow?

Because the sums lent are at rate 0: no interest. They concern the purchase of the main home, and amount to 30,000 euros for a first assignment, and 15,000 for a move following a transfer.

If you even work for the national education, and you are in a relationship with someone in the same situation, the amount will be multiplied by two, or 60000 euros maximum.

Who is entitled to it?

You can apply for this loan if:

  • You teach in the first degree
  • Or in the second degree
  • You are part of the staff of education and orientation of the second degree

Unfortunately, if you are part of the administrative staff, it will not work for you.

Does it work for the private sector?

You are also entitled to it if you work in the private sector. On the other hand, are excluded from the device:

  1. those who are still on training at IUFM and who have not been affected,
  2. those who work in the administrative services of the institutions,
  3. and those who have not been tenured.

It is the Bank Contace that manages these loans

You can not go to any bank if you want to benefit from this feature. It is the Bank Contace, and no other, who manages it. By cons, there are no conditions when choosing the bank that will take care of the main credit. Important: You can not be forced to pay your salary.

Other funding you can claim

The offer of Credit Tonapier

You could benefit from a loan at a preferential rate if you obtained a loan agreement or a social loan rental accession.

Loan BFM Freedom

The offer is for all national education officials. No matter what your years of seniority are. No proof of use of the funds to be provided.

It is a loan up to 75000 euros, to repay in 8 years at most, with a grace period of up to 3 months. No fees.

Fixed interest rate : from 1%.

Example for a BFM loan of 60000 euros:

The Bank of Officials (BFM): many personal credits for civil servants

This is the mutual bank of public sector agents. It does not have any branches of its own, but it can be found in the branches of Society General. You can subscribe to a personal loan for just about any situation.

The BFM energy loan

For – under 35 years a loan BFM energy that will allow you to borrow up to 75000 €, the project concerns an apartment, work or a car (multiple use). Deferred amortization possible.

Loan for cash needs

It can serve if you need cash (a tax catch-up for example). Its amount is not very high: 1500 euros.

But its rate is much more advantageous than a consumer credit: 2.10%. Variations “freedom” exist for a car or work, with larger amounts, and therefore a calculated APRC. Also noteworthy: the future BFM loan and the repurchase of credit.

YuGin’s offer

Another loan to help you settle down, provided you are a HUKOA member and a member of the YuGin. Subsidiary condition: you must not be over 36 years old.

It is a loan that will cost you nothing: interest, fees and the cost of insurance are covered by HUKOA and YuGin.

Sum you can borrow : 3000 euros

Loans if you work for the Police or the National Gendarmerie (Ministry of the Interior)

Loans if you work for the Police or the National Gendarmerie (Ministry of the Interior)

Do you have the right to a particular loan?

That the security forces reassure themselves: there is also a device in place for them in some departments where the price of stone explodes and around the following cities: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Nice, Strasbourg.

Thanks to this opportunity offered by the Ministry of the Interior, housing is easier. This is a zero interest loan, where there will be no interest to be paid in addition, the cost being borne by it, as well as the borrower insurance that covers them in case of accident, illness and death.


They are restrictive and this is normal because the budget is not unlimited. You can not benefit from this boost if:

  • You already have a house in the countryside, or a second home somewhere,
  • Where a property you rent

You do not have to be an owner already. In the same way, you do not have to live in a company housing because we consider that you are already well housed.

Required seniority

In addition, you must be a holder and have a seniority of 3 years in the assignment of the departments concerned (internships do not count), do not have another loan rate 0 in progress, and not retire in 5 years or less.

For the clever little ones who would like to rent before having finished repaying, this is not allowed: it will be necessary to return what has been unjustly perceived in this case.

What amount?

The amount allocated is based on the composition of your family and your reference tax income. It can be at best 45,000 euros refundable over 10 years.

Warning: this amount must not exceed 1/4 of the total purchase price. Thus, to be entitled to this sum, you must buy a property that costs more than 180,000 euros.

Is the hospital public service once again the worst off?

Is the hospital public service once again the worst off?

No, not when it comes to benefiting from a housing aid, which will allow to lodge or to do work. It is accessible from one year of seniority, and unlike those mentioned above, contract workers and apprentices are eligible, provided they have 2 years of seniority.

On the other hand, retirees in the hospital public service do not have access to it. Know that there will also be resource conditions to respect.

Pay attention to your debt ratio

But before lending the money, the CGOS will still look at the debt ratio of the applicant, which must not exceed the famous 33% of household income, or 50% once one begins to repay his credit housing. Same thing for an over-indebted: it takes the agreement of the BDF before filing a file.

Explanation: what is the debt ratio?

You can use this help   for :

  • pay part of your home,
  • to buy land,
  • to pay notary fees
  • or to do work,

The condition : keep at least 20% of the total envelope at his expense. It is possible to make several requests to the CGOS, but they must be spaced 6 months after the previous credit has been cleared.

The amounts : six thousand euros for a purchase, 4500 for work.

The special scheme for APHP officers

Working for Paris hospitals is good. Its agents, if not very well paid for civil servants enjoy benefits, because the AP-HP has signed a partnership with the social credit of civil servants, which allows them to save, to make or to make a small credit, in addition to being able to access the property in good conditions.

Thus, real estate loans are offered, even to those who have no personal contribution, with repayments that can extend over 25 years (which does not make large monthly payments).

For tenants, there is the loan advantage partnership, which allows to pay the moving expenses, or deposit. Its amount is 2000 euros, repayable in 2 years, with an interest rate of 1%.

Guaranty and loan insurance: the good plans of the National Mutual Hospital

All those working in the health sector can join this mutual. Like all others, it reimburses health costs that are not covered by social security, but not that.

Example if you wear glasses:

Under what conditions does the MNH intervene?

It also intervenes in the case of a real estate purchase, by surety, and by proposing assurances (you do not have the obligation to choose the insurance of your bank, even if it will not see it necessarily of a good eye).

The caution

You must have one year of seniority as an affiliate, and subscribe to your loan insurance. The amount covered is up to 900,000 euros, provided that you are not 65 years old at the time of subscription.

The minimum personal contribution is minimal: 1% for – 30 years and 5% beyond, provided you do not use the credit to pay the notary fees.

Real estate loan insurance

It includes death, my job loss, and disability (or disability) coverage ranging from 25 to 75%. Some banks are partners, but not all. Among them: Credit Mutual, Popularez Bank, Bank Contace, Society General, PIC, Cases Oards.

Territorial civil servant: what are the aids?

Territorial civil servant: what are the aids?

If you have a real estate project, the best is still to go through your mutual. These offer benefits to their members, so it would be silly not to take advantage of them.

The Internal Mutual

If you are a member of the Mutual Intériale for example, know that you can get a free deposit of your loan (also valid for a second home or a rental investment), and even buy your loan insurance.

The complementary mutual of the city of Paris (for the agents of the city and public assistance)

You have the option of taking out insurance in case of unemployment, just to not eat pasta every day if job loss there is. Expatriates and seconded employees who work in the public service (where they have worked in the past) will find the equivalent with MFFOM, which is the Family Mutual France and Overseas.

Credits for SWDA employees

Credits for SWDA employees

The state does not forget its active researchers who must move to continue their research. The latter can thus apply for a subsidized loan for access to mobility.

For this, they must work and be paid by the SWDA. It is a loan that is similar to 1% housing since it ranges from 15 to 30,000 euros and that it concerns the main housing. It is the HUKOA which gives its final agreement.

Home Improvement Loan

For small jobs, SWDA employees are also entitled to a home improvement loan. This concerns for example the restoration of a living room.

Two loans come to complete each other to reach the sum of 2600 euros. Before applying, be careful not to have a family quotient that exceeds 15250 €. The file is set up with the human resources department or with the CAF for those who are recipients.

Moving loan

If you have to move somewhere, and this costs you, it is also possible to borrow up to € 2,000 without justifying why you need it.

All agents may be entitled to it, without restrictions. However, it will be necessary to open an account with the Popularez Bank, partner of the operation, for the refunds, while having no obligation to domiciliate his salary.

Ministry of Justice

Still officials who are not very well paid, but who can get a boost if they have a real estate purchase project going on.

It is the mutual of the Ministry of justice that offers these benefits, such as the surety and the insurance of mortgage loan, provided to be member since 1 year and not to have reached the age (fateful) of 65 years (It seems like everything stops when you’re retired, it’s crazy).

Contractuals: all is not lost

Contractuals: all is not lost

Contractuals are the fifth wheel of the coach, and yet they are so many to work in public administration… But not to hold, that does not mean that we have the right to nothing.

Take the social credit of civil servants for example. The CSF offers loans, but contract workers and trainees can also join, just like elected officials, even if they have no current mandate.

Assistance to the installation of the state staff

Before taking a job, you have to settle down. Only when you start, you do not always have the funds for that, especially since the salary, at the beginning of your career, does not make you shudder.

This assistance concerns tenants, and the costs they face when they move into a new home, such as moving, paying in advance for the first rent or agency fees. The assistance varies between 500 and 900 € depending on the region of assignment, and is subject to income: if your spouse wins too much, forget about it.